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Business Description
In addition to manufacturing medical and nursing-care products, Paramount Bed operates various businesses that help people lead comfortable lives.

We intend to broaden our business scope within Japan and overseas by expanding our contributions to society.

The Healthcare Market in Japan 
Acute-care business
Offering a lineup of advanced products for acute-care facilities
Paramount Bed's acute-care business is set up to meet the demands of ICUs and other acute-care facilities. These products are designed to help create an environment that relieves patient discomfort and pain, as well as preventing secondary infection and ensuring a high level of safety.

Long-term care business 
Addressing long-term treatment and care in many ways
Our long-term care business lineup is designed for use at long-term medical care facilities and social welfare facilities, such as nursing-care homes. The business goal here is to develop products that make patients comfortable during long-term rehabilitation, medical treatment, and nursing care.

Residential and nursing-care business 
Helping create an amenable environment for nursing-care homes and residential care facilities
Here we specialize in addressing the needs of nursing-care homes and residential care facilities, such as senior-care homes. This business focuses on helping recipients regain their independence and on smoothing the way for families to care for loved ones. Products in this lineup are designed as well to support the work of nurses, home-care helpers and other specialists, and to enhance the efficiency of companies leasing care equipment.

Sound sleep and wellness business 
Helping people sleep well and enjoy better physical and mental health
Intime brand products play a leading role in our sleep and wellness business by enabling people to sleep soundly, thus enriching their lives. Through such products as custom-made mattresses perfectly fitted to the sleeper's body, we offer a new and improved lifestyle for people everywhere.

Maintenance business 
Sustaining amenable care environments with reliable after-sales service
Para Techno Co., Ltd. was established as our wholly owned subsidiary to help realize a business plan for raising the level of comfort in future healthcare environments. Para Techno offers consultancy services on the safe use of Paramount Bed products as well as bed maintenance and cleaning services.

Overseas Operations

Chiba Factory (Japan)

Mother factory for Paramount Bed Group Established in 1966  

To pioneer our business in the Japan market, Chiba Factory produces hospital beds and other products. The factory built in Integrated Production System from processing law material to finish products. We produce high quality stable products. In 2008, Synchronized Production System was newly introduced. Production efficiency more improved than before.

Matsuo Factory (Japan)
Production for mattress and other products Established in 1970  
To produce mattress by combining machine and manual work. Matsuo Factory supports basement of Paramount Bed’s wide range mattress line-up. The factory also produces bedside products, ICU Beds and resin board for bed.

Paramount Bed Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Production base for new developing countries Established in 2013
To produce accessories of hospital beds and export to Japan. In 2015, the company produced new challenging bed to pioneer new developing country’s market.

PT. Paramount Bed Indonesia
Production and marketing base for Asia
Established in 1995 to pioneer our business in the Asia and markets, PT. Paramount Bed Indonesia manufactures hospital beds and other products. The company's products today are sold throughout Indonesia, Japan, China, and South Korea, in addition to more than 16 countries.
Paramount Bed (China) Co., LTD.
Positioned for the China market
We set up Paramount Bed (China) Co., Ltd. in March 2004 in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, as our product development and production base in China. The company has been manufacturing hospital beds and other products since April 2005.
Corona Medical S.A.S.
Production and marketing base for the European market
Corona Medical, the second largest medical and home-care bed manufacturer in France, became a subsidiary of Parmount Bed in December 2006. The company is our first base in the European market. In addition, we are planning to increase sales in the Middle and Near East markets.

Our history
Global Network
Business Description
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